A unique and innovative
vendor portal for a branding company

In this fast-paced world, it is ideal to enable automation to minimize manual delay and errors to a greater extent. Due to the most optimized manual process, vendors find it difficult in the product industry to carry out their regular tasks on time and without hassles. For a branding company and its vendors, the experience is all that matters. To enable the comfort of access and experience, digitized platforms are being developed and managed seamlessly. 


As a growing leader in product branding and promotional company, companies need to have a platform that could be the one-stop destination to view all about products & branding. It could be an interactive and the most engaging application that offers a 360-degree view of vendors and to vendors of their customers. 

Key challenges

To manage vendor experience, our client required a solution to be developed especially 

  • To assist the vendors in their day-to-day activities  
  • Onboarding new vendors with convenience
  • Tracking catalog communications both of service and merchandise
  • Manage financial information and other payment details
The Solution

We crafted a unique portal that is designed to cater to all the needs of the vendors and other stakeholders – Engaging new vendors with merchandising catalogs, managing their information, and facilitating financial transactions all with ease. It is designed to optimize vendor relations by managing, maintaining, enriching, and enhancing the experience.

Our client was able to make the best use of our efficient, robust, and engaging portal to enrich their vendor experience while bringing up their business growth.

Our Approach

We followed our standard approach but with a twist of UX experience to add value to our client. We understood our client’s needs, diagnosed the problems, experimented using several applicable strategies, and analyzed continuously with the help of our professionals. Visual appeal, technical process, and smooth workflow are the three things we focussed upon. Our data science and SAP capabilities helped our way through arriving at this intuitive portal.


The methodology we pursued is a scrum agile model to offer the best support and sculpt the solution with continuous feedback. The best business principles are followed to ensure the reworks are effortless and the client is content to the very end. We worked on different digitized processes and found the best of all ideas for innovation that simplify relationship management for clients and suppliers. 


Top-notch performance

With the solution we offered, it became easy for our client to keep track of and share all the performance data for bringing up the value of Vendors. The performance was uplifted by the rate of 25% than before.

Effective data control

It became easy and safe for the vendors to record the data or update their records to maintain it effortlessly.

Increased efficiency

With the provision to view vendor data category by category, it became easy to reduce any abnormalities and ensure no vendor is troubled during any of their actions while also saving a lot of costs.

Load Maintenance

With more vendors comes more load but the maintenance became much easier with our vendor portal that helps load and unload multiple vendor data and still be at its optimum.

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