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To safeguard & stay ahead of cyber attacks

With advanced threat intelligence systems and technologies, TeQuent helps you gain ample knowledge and expertise to serve clients across different industries and protect their systems against cyber attacks.

Critical Infrastructure

We develop multilevel security strategies and solutions to afford comprehensive protection of your infrastructure system against specific vulnerabilities, technical failures, and security risks

Cloud Security

We innovate a holistic cloud security strategy framework using an integrated approach and implement a robust roadmap that closes cybersecurity gaps across multiple domains and applications

Network Security

Using the latest global security technologies, we create intelligent solutions that analyze risks, safeguard your network, and help your organization avoid malware threats

Consultative Expertise & Training

We have experienced professionals to provide you with high-quality cybersecurity consulting, risk management, security training along with compliance services for enhanced security

Internet Of Things (IoT)

With our team and using various cybersecurity platform services and tool stacks, we help design, develop, and manage secure connected products through top-notch solutions

Over a Decade of Specialized Cyber Security Experience Across Multiple Industries

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To maximize success for a Cybersecurity Consultant

The Tequent cybersecurity team specializes in connecting organizations looking to do more with their data with a network of highly skilled data science experts. Our network of experts are adept at generating knowledge and insights from cybersecurity across a broad range of applications and domains. 


Multiple Opportunities

By providing consistency in security operations, we enable consultants to work with clients from different industries and enhance their cyberspace knowledge & expertise


Flexible & Rewarding

With us, you can work with convenience and gain experience by working on projects of your preferences, while also earning more than your expectations


Challenging work environment

Our cybersecurity consultants take up responsibilities through which they can be aligned with the latest security trends in this fast-paced environment of challenges


Great Support

Tequent has an excellent team of expertise and experience to guide you through your powerful career journey so that you can learn and improve security-based skills and competencies effortlessly with the extensive assistance of the expert

If cybersecurity is your forte join our network

Be a part of our team of experts and help address the most important security challenges faced by global organizations in an innovative way

Words of Appreciation

Tequent measures success based on how happy our clients are

I recommend Tequent always as we've enjoyed their best and most lucrative security services as per the demands. We were able to improve our quality, and network and protect our overall management with their excellent support & service.

Arun Raviraj

Tequent never fails to impress us with its quality of service. With the help of their best testing methods and strategies, we were able to fend off security troubles easily. Thanks to the best team

Sherin Richard

World-class security solutions are the specialty of Tequent. The kind of support, service and guidance we received was outstanding. Affordable and the best cybersecurity service provider

Antony Fleischman

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here we have some of the most frequently asked questions answered for you. If you have any queries, please write to us

    We discuss with our clients to understand their organizational culture and work nature to afford the right kind of service that would satiate their needs while ensuring top security in all instances.

    The layers are based on your business size, hardware & software, employee, energy & communications, organization environment, and business goals.

    With our cybersecurity expertise, we provide customized security consulting, training, services, and solutions to make businesses keep threats or risks at bay.

    Our organization accepts applicants who have the right education, soft skills, technical knowledge, and training or work experience after a simple interview process.

    Take advantage of opportunities, add value, and ask to be involved in assignments that will expand your career beyond your current position to drive your growth and development.

    Mastering computer science fundamentals is one of the technical skills needed to become a competent cybersecurity expert. You should know at least one programming and scripting language, demonstrate expertise in a particular field, keep updated on attack tools and techniques, track complex engagements, and manage multiple pieces of evidence. 

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