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Unlock your innate potential to evolve as the best experts in Data Science and analytics. With our advanced analytics techniques and resourceful environment, shape businesses while handling the data challenges of the digital world

Big Data

With our Big Data & Analytics services, get a deep understanding with consulting, work with high volume multi-structured data, manage data effectively and make mission-critical decisions that uplift your business

Predictive Data Modeling

Align with emerging trends, manage risks, optimize the outcomes of tomorrow and take accurate business decisions by introducing advanced data capabilities that involve predictive analysis

Data Mining & Cleansing

Extract raw information of any size, Improve data quality, keep user data clean and maintain brand credibility with fail-proof methodologies like classification, clustering, regression, pattern recognition & more

Data Visualization

Turn the dynamic data insights collected from diverse resources into clear and immersive visuals that help identify risks and opportunities, monitor goals, predict demands and act promptly

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Data Science consulting, analytics, and engineering services help you understand the effectiveness of your business model. With data experiments, informative visuals, and authentic data insights, it is possible to plan and optimize business processes for a better tomorrow without disrupting the clients


Comprehensive Learning

From solving complex data interpretation issues to delivering innovative predictive analytics solutions, you can learn and grow as a potential consultant


Thriving Opportunities

Our experts help you with specialized training and afford multiple opportunities to learn, experiment, grow and thrive as highly-skilled professionals


Content Projects

Work with a wide range of clients and gain practical and effective experience with the design, implementation, and deployment of data solutions & grow as a potential consultant


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We have a collaborative, fun, and engaging team to work with, and gain the best knowledge & experience from them

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Words of Appreciation

Tequent measures success based on how happy our clients are

Tequent has added to our data security and helped us gain the best benefits from what we already have. We couldn't have moved forward without the support we received from the Tequent team. I appreciate how well you handled our challenging data and provided outstanding data analysis.

Charles Anderson

Our strategic decisions were influenced by the insights gained from their analysis. Our retention efforts were targeted thanks to the models created by the Tequent team, and we took immediate steps to retain at-risk customers.

Emily Breinholt

On many fronts, we found partnering with Tequent on our Data Analytics projects to be a great and positive experience. They have outstanding analytical skills as well as a great deal of experience explaining advanced statistics to lay audiences. Furthermore, we also appreciate their ability to understand our specific business needs.

Melissa Mervin

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here we have some of the most frequently asked questions answered for you. If you have any queries, please write to us

    Analytical facts, metrics, and data are all used by businesses to help them make strategic business decisions that help them meet their objectives. From a business executive to a sales professional, it becomes easy to make data-driven decisions through analytics and insights.

    Our clients can enjoy the best benefits and some of the major reasons why they prefer us are

    - Result-driven service

    - Deep knowledge of AI and ML

    - Business and technology understanding

    - Agile working model

    - Experience and expertise

    • Management of large amounts of unconnected data¬†
    • Poor data quality and data governance
    • Time-taking manual tasks and repetition
    • Lack of data insights for better decision making

    It varies according to the area of specialty and client requirements. The common duties for a Data science consultant to prepare are Strategy development, Strategy verification, modeling and development, and training under certain circumstances.

    • Statistics Analytics
    • New-age Technical Skills¬†¬†
    • AI & Machine Learning¬†¬†
    • Data Visualization¬†
    • Big Data Analytics techniques
    • and more.
    • Good coding skills
    • Good problem-solving and analytical skills
    • Good understanding of math and stats¬†
    • Good ability to build, test, and deploy models
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