Intuitive shop floor management
application for a manufacturer

Every manufacturer requires a shop floor management solution to help carry out their product manufacturing without any hassles. So, what if shop floor management is carried out with the help of an application? In this evolving digital world, automation is the most happening and applications are the key to opening vast opportunities. Especially, in the product industries, it is difficult to streamline operations without the help of automation. 

Though automation keeps rising levels with digital tech improvements in the industry, it is difficult to keep track of things as they get produced – making, packaging, arrangement, and delivery. In the electronics division, where multiple objects are involved, it is important to automate the function while also managing it smartly. This will help route the products without trouble and also increase the efficiency of the manufacturing unit. 

Key challenges

A leading electronics manufacturing company requested us to make a shop floor management application that would help them not only maintain but monitor the operations and alert them with a red flag instantly in case of unexpected situations. Another big challenge is to create different dashboards for people that would help employees in different roles to be up-to-date and function to their best potential in a smart way.

The Solution

To help automate the shop floor management and access the operations using digitization, we developed an innovative and intuitive digital application for shop floor management within taps. The solution helped the operators, admins, and the manager to take care of the operations at the manufacturing unit while keeping an eye out for any sort of defects. This smart manufacturing solution helped our client to be aligned with the real-time data and enhanced the complete efficiency using insightful & easy-to-use dashboards.

Our Approach

Being one of the fastest-growing digital business solutions providers, we aimed at developing a solution that matches the growing trend and also empowers the manufacturing business with its technical advantages. With the help of thorough research, competitor analysis, and applying market strategies, we were able to create a shop floor solution that adds value while also improving the manufacturing performance. Data science and analytics are one of our important capabilities that aided in arriving at a top-notch solution.


Our Smart solution helped our client in many ways and here are some of the key benefits. 


  • High productivity

When the operators and other members operated at the same speed using our digital solution, they were able to achieve a 20% additional productivity rate compared to manual operations. 


  • Saves more time

About 60% of the time is saved with the help of accurate data insights and analytics produced with the shop floor management application. 


  • Enhanced efficiency

As there is a process and workflow assigned by the admin, it was all organized and the efficiency of the people also doubled over time. 


  • Cost-saving 

With the help of our intuitive and innovative solution, multiple open vacancies were fulfilled and thus saved a lot of money for our client.

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