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To ensure enhanced productivity through staffing

TeQuent, with its staffing expertise, offers a comprehensive staffing service to meet all your personnel requirements. The experts at TeQuent have a solid track record of implementing the most rigorous methods for shortlisting candidates, sorting, evaluating, and selecting apt candidates who possess the desired skills, orientation, and experience

Over a Decade of Experience in Specialized Staffing Experience

The dynamic nature of today’s business environment requires organizations to adapt to the latest approaches and best practices to manage manpower and staffing. Finding and retaining a talented workforce is becoming a significant challenge for companies as more and more companies adopt IT-as-a-service.

To meet all your traditional and non-traditional manpower needs, we offer a full suite of recruitment and staffing solutions that leverage our industry expertise and access to a rich talent pool.

We conduct a thorough analysis of the employment requirements of clients, along with a consideration of the departmental framework and its relationship to the job description. As a result, we can select the perfect resource with a skill set that precisely matches the job requirements.

Fulltime Recruitment

We help hire key resources and talents for permanent/full-time positions that will help you gain a competitive edge in growing marketing. We take complete responsibility for screening and recruiting full-time employees who solely work towards uplifting your company

Contract Staffing

To fill the short-term staff requirements of your organization, we aid in taking in the best contract staff who work up to your expectations while also keeping costs in control. We make sure all the contract employees are qualified, experienced, and talented enough to meet their needs

IT Staffing

As an expert talent acquisition and staffing solutions provider, we empower businesses with the help of on-demand tech talents who drive growth and success to the organization. Our team hires quality and professional employees who snugly fit into your company to handle tasks with ease


With our knowledge and expertise, we help in affording top-notch RPO solutions to different industries. We attract, source, screen, hire, and onboard top-tier talent for extended flexibility and scalability while keeping up engagement levels

Words of Appreciation

Tequent measures success based on how happy our clients are

We hired a professional workforce for our organization with the help of TeQuent staffing solutions. They followed the best approaches and helped hire a large group of employees within a short time as we expected. Thanks to the team for the best support.

Sanjeev Ramamurthy

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Tequent to hire high-caliber candidates who are not only skilled but also culturally compatible. Before working with Tequent, I generally had to sort through a dozen candidates with a search firm until they understood our requirements. Tequent is one of the finest and most reliable companies for staffing solutions

Jennifer Sweety

Recruiters at Tequent know what they're doing! They are highly responsive and deliver strong results quickly. We landed candidates with direct experience who will make an impact on the team. I highly recommend Tequent and would use them again

Martin Anderson

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here we have some of the most frequently asked questions answered for you. If you have any queries, please write to us

    Those candidates get selected into organizations for projects that are short-lived. Temporary staff can be turned into permanent by the employer as per their performance

    Our executives will connect with you immediately after you request staffing solutions. Depending on your organizational goals, restrictions, and requirements, our team will screen and schedule interviews for positions regularly

    It depends on different factors and we would be happy to assist you if you are looking to hire people for your company. Please drop us a message or contact us directly for more information.

    Every consultant is reference checked. Beyond that, at our clients’ request, a drug screen and a criminal background check can also be processed. These basic background check services come standard, but we can also perform any additional pre-employment screening requirements you have.

    We are highly specialized and provide consultants in the following areas:

    • Technologies: AWS, Cybersecurity, Kronos, Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, SAP, Workday
    • Healthcare IT: Cerner, Epic
    • Life Sciences: Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical
    • Government Solutions: Enterprise IT, Intelligence & Engineering

    A shortlist of benefits include:

    • Focused search efforts to identify the consultant(s) you need. Internal teams do not typically have the time or resources to find top-tier consultants, quickly, as we do.
    • Competitive comparison – maybe you already have someone in your network with the skills you need; ALKU can provide comparative profiles. This ensures you are getting the best person for the job and not just defaulting to someone you know.
    • Expertise – we are highly specialized and provide not only consultants but competitive market intel and other talent intelligence that can be used as a competitive differentiator for your organization.
    • Our exclusive network of consultants are not individuals you will find on the job boards. Oftentimes, we are working exclusively and confidentially with consultants who we have known for years. Our consultant relationships have been carefully curated and nurtured over time.
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